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What kind of water does the Smart ionizer create?

Alkaline ionized water is water that reduces oxidation. Reducing oxidation simply means that it can clean the things that cause our bodies and food to oxidize. For example, if we were to clean vegetables with the Smart ionizer instead of tap water, the vegetables would result in staying fresh for a longer time because the water got rid of the oxidation.

The Smart water ionizer is electrolyzed using a platinum plate. In the (-) electrode, it is rich in positive minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, potassium, etc., and creates hydrogen-rich alkaline ionized water. As a result fro this, the hydrogen in the water help remove free radicals from our bodies. In the (+) pole, minerals such as sulfur and phosphorus are abundant, and acidic ionized water is produced which sterilizes, disinfects, and acts as anti-inflammatory.


What are the pH levels?

Alkaline levels create water ranging from pH level 8.5 to 10

Purified level creates neutral water that is pH level 7 to 7.5

Acidic levels create water ranging from pH levels 4 to 6

Ability to detoxify our bodies and fruits/vegetables.

Not only does the Smart ionizer help detoxify our bodies, but it also helps get rid of pesticides and wastes that tap water/purified water cannot remove. As a result, you get cleaner vegetables and fruits that are fresh for a longer time!

Smart water ionizer vs. Purified water 

In order to remove the bad pollutants of tap water, the general water purifiers that use the reverse osmosis method removes all the necessary essential minerals necessary for our body, so that it becomes acidic water that acidifies our body. It also has the disadvantage that it is oxidized in 5 minutes at room temperature because there are no minerals. In addition, all water purifiers with water tanks can cause secondary contamination or bacterial propagation because of the fact that the water is stored in a tank. And most importantly, the amount of water wasted is equivalent to 5-6 times more than the amount of water that is actually purified. This is a problem because water conservation is of concern to many households nowadays.

You can see in the video below of how the Smart water ionizer reacts differently from purified waters.