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benefits of smart ionizer

Our Smart water ionizers have so many different benefits that can help us maintain a healthy body by simply changing the water we drink! Not only is it for drinking, but also used for skincare, cooking, and more!

why smart?

We all know there are many other water purifiers, water ionizers and alkaline bottled waters out there that are similar. So why should you choose our Smart water ionizer? 

smart ionizer vs. purified water

Many of us are used to drinking purified water. But did you know that most purified waters have a pH level that is actually acidic?! This is a "no-no" because acidic water has a negative impact on our bodies.


Smile Bidet

Enjoy the time you spend in the restroom with our energy-saving Smile bidets. High-tech functions include instant heating, patented enema wash, air bubble water, child mode, seat-warming mode, self-cleaning, and much more. 


Air Purifier

Our NBA-750 air purifier is widely recognized as generating some of the cleanest artificially purified air in the world, as it acquired certification of the highest Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) from the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM) in the U.S.A